He Still Teaches Me isiZulu

With that said I am very sad to be leaving the people whom I connected with over teh last six months. We have met some awesome people and made some neat connections. It will not be easy saying goodbye. However, although we are letting people know this week that we are leaving we are not quite saying goodbye yet. One thing about leaving is that i wondered whether or not to stop learning isiZulu. I wondered if it was worth it to keep learning a language that I wouldn’t use in about four weeks time. I decided I would stop…then came Baba Shabalala. You gotta understand that this guy never speaks Enlgish to us. I am pretty sure he can speak some Enlgish, and probably some other languages, but he always speaks to us in isiZulu because he wants us to learn more.  Sooo, today he walks past me and we exchange the usual pleasantries like so – “Sawubona” -“Yebo, sawubona” -“Unjani?” -“Siyaphila, unjani wena?” – “Siyaphila nati, ngiyabonga.” Then he says this, “Ngiyajabula ugubona wena.'”And I go, “Huh?” He proceeds to tell me that his means, “I am happy to see you.” As I walked away I reflected on how he was still teaching me isiZulu even though he knew I was leaving in a few weeks. That’s where the conviction to continue learning isiZulu kicked in. I am going to continue with my lessons with the same purpose that I started them – to connect to others with their language. If it means enough to him to continue teaching me isiZulu then it should mean enough to me to keep learning


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