“The picture is in my stomach…”

Today was quite the day.

This morning I drove out to Kwan-Gema and gave another Wednesday morning devotion there at Siphokuhle high school. Sometimes when I leave there I wonder how much the students understood and how much they got out of it. I also have this terrible chronic guilt for possibly disappointing people and so when I told them we were leaving in two weeks I felt like a pile of garbage…but just a little pile 🙂

When I was leaving a young man who does some cleaning and maintenance work there came up and told me that he wanted to talk and that as I was leaving he needed to talk to me. He told me that he wanted to know more about Jesus, that after all of these devotions he thought that Jesus was worth getting to know. The Holy Spirit worked through his Word and his servant to reach out to Nicholas and touch his heart. How flipping awesome is that? Dumisani Unkulukulu!

After Kwan-Gema I picked up some people wanting to go to Mabola. When we arrived in Mabola this lady I gave a lift to wanted to pay me R20 (it’s common to pay people who give you lifts out here, almost like taxis), when I said, “Cha, ngiyabonga” (“No, thank you.”) her face lit up and she exclaimed “Siyabonga kakhulu baba, siyabonga kakhula!” (Thank you so much sir, thank you so much!”) It was a moment that brightened up my day.

And the goodness didn’t stop there. I left Mabola with Baba Pooe and headed up to the Youth Camp where we were going to close up the Youth Entrepreneurship Gathering where I’d been leading 19 youth from six different communities in Mpumalanga and Kwazulu Natal through Nehemiah and discussing leadership principles and the like. It was another great day working with them, talking with them, dancing with them (they love me Zulu dancing), setting goals with them and praying with them. As we were leaving the camp and they were heading home we saw a Pied Kingfisher and a Cape Bulbul. I pointed them out to the students and told them why they are called those names. I stopped to take a picture of the Kingfisher and a student in the back laughed. He said, “We don’t take pictures of those birds we eat them.” I asked how they remembered how beautiful they were and he replied, “The picture is in my stomach.”


Then I come home to the best part…my gorgeous helper and friend, Elizabeth. I couldn’t bear life without her. I certainly need her. I love her and love living life with her.

Thank you Jesus for a day of interaction and exploration of your grace and mercy with so many people. Days like these revitalize me in so many ways. Thanks.


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