Another Step in the Journey

I am about to go on a run to the Union Buildings one more time. I want to run up the rough hewn stairs, feel my breath run short and take in the view of Pretoria with the flag flying above it one more time. I want to savour these last few hours in South Africa because I will certainly miss this place.

This evening Elizabeth and I depart for the USA via Germany. We will arrive in LA in the afternoon tomorrow. Life is about to change for us.

We’ve never lived together in the United States before, we have an apartment, I am unemployed, Elizabeth is going to be starting two new positions, we have a dog…the list goes on. Life is going to be different and it is going to be a whole new type of adventure. I am looking forward to it.

To all the people I am connected to throughout the world in America, Hungary, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, South Africa, Swaziland, Uganda, Burundi, Kenya, Nigeria, Israel and the Sudan plus many more places…thanks for all the good times along the way so far and I hope to meet you along the way as we continue on the journey.

To those I’ve met here in South Africa: Thanks for everything. I could not have imagined all of what happened here. Thanks to the Themba Trust, its staff, management and volunteers. Thanks to Luneburg and its congregation, thanks to Siphokuhle and Injabulo, thanks to Louis and Corynne and thank you especially to Reinhild Niebuhr and Nico Den Oudsten for the friendship, the inspiration and the opportunity. Salakahle, uJehova makubusise, uJehova makukuthula.

Shalom and see you tomorrow!


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