If World AIDS Day isn’t the perfect time to realize that our lives are lived through other persons I don’t know when is.

Even if we’ve never lost a loved one to the virus or even know someone with HIV/AIDS it touches us. Even if we don’t feel it, it affects us.

Earlier today I took some time to pray the Jesus Prayer for a few moments before meditating on the AIDS pandemic. What I felt in those silent moments was a pain, not a searing and tearing pain bringing forth tears but a true heart-ache set deep within my soul. That is the LORD’s grief. AIDS does more than cause superficial pain, it does more than cause the pain of one family or two. It claims millions of lives every year and changes the course of billions. If it doesn’t affect you maybe it should. Maybe we should wake up and see that there is more we can do.

Today, on World AIDS Day, let us lament the pandemic and pray earnestly to the LORD to see where his heart is and where he wants us to go and what he wants us to do to help alleviate the pain of AIDS in our world TODAY.



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