I decided today…

I want to be a professional author/speaker/teacher.

I enjoy writing so much. This week I reflected on my writing, where it is and what people are saying:

-I submitted my devotions to Portals of Prayer and am hoping I get picked to write a month’s worth of devotions for POP in 2012. Here’s to hoping!

-I wrote a devotion for a Christian Ed. group in California. It was a neat time to reflect on my father’s influence in my faith development.

-I wrote a 20-page exposition of Luke 9:57-62 and am working on the next installment on Jesus’ parables (Luke 10:25-37).

-I gave a copy of “A Sacred Duty” (my first book, one on world religions) to some neighbors of ours. So far they are enjoying it.

-I had several people from Hosanna Lutheran tell me how much they enjoyed the Habakkuk and Signs studies. They are looking forward to the Parables series.

-I am enjoying the RE-creative process and am really hoping it turns into a published work!

-I just enjoy writing…I can’t stop!

Just wanted to let everyone know.



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