Dreaming for Three!

This Sunday I am running the P.F. Chang’s Rock N’ Roll Marathon.

To say the least I am jazzed up.

But not just because I am running my second marathon, nor because I am going for a personal record (3:33 or below).

The real reason is that with this marathon I am starting to Dream for Three.

I will be running the P.F. Chang’s Marathon (1/17), the Lost Dutchman Marathon (2/14) and the LA Marathon (3/21) over the course of three months.

Three marathons in three months.

While running these marathons I am going to try and run them in 3:33.

Most importantly I am trying to fundraise $3,333 for World Vision.

I am Dreaming for Three!

Check out my personal fundraising webpage or get in contact with me to see how you can help.


Please consider making a financial commitment for my Dream for Three initiative and helping World Vision continue its mission to reach out to impoverished communities throughout the world.

Also, I invite you to come out and cheer on the some 12,000 people running in this weekend’s event. Plus, for kudos there is a post-event concert featuring Everclear. Gen-Xers, you need to be there! 🙂




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