One Down…Two to Go

Rounding the corner for the final stretch at P.F. Chang's

If you look closely I have THREE fingers up as I cross at gun time 3:21:45 (chip time 3:21:15)

It’s been a week since P.F. Chang’s and I am ready for marathon two…and I don’t have to wait long.

On February 14 I will be running the Lost Dutchman’s Marathon. This one will be a little more challenging with hills and dirt track being thrown in for fun. Last year I finished this marathon in 3:44:21. My goal this year is 3:33.

Again, I’m pumped.

The last two weeks were tough on my legs, and this week I will be resting a wee bit more.

After covering 26.2 miles in 3:21:15 (PR) on Sunday January 17 at P.F. Chang’s, I recorded another 36 miles in the following week including 21.75 miles of trail running at South Mountain Regional Park in Phoenix (cheers East Valley Runners) and 12 miles of the Lost Goldmine Trail east of Apache Junction. Not to mention, on Monday I trekked 11.8 miles with Paul, Elizabeth and Pepper through Boulder Canyon and back to the First Water Trailhead out in the Superstition Wilderness.

Naturally, this week will be a week of rest.

Training is a fickle friend. Do too little and you die come marathon day. Do too much and you die come marathon day. There is a balance to it.

So that means nothing major this week until my legs feel fresh and ready to rock.

And plenty of icing and hot tub trips 🙂

If you haven’t already, please go and check out my Team World Vision fundraising page. I am not only trying to run 3 marathons in 3 months all under 3:33, but more importantly I am fundraising $3,333 for World Vision’s clean water projects in sub-saharan Africa.

Head on over to and DONATE!

Consider sponsoring me for each mile I run in a marathon ($1 a mile works out to be $26.20 donated…not too hard on the bank account, but a big impact on the water projects) or going the next step and sponsoring me for $1 for each race mile I run in this endeavor (a total of $78.60). You could even get crazy and sponsor $1 for each mile I do in training from January 1-March 21, so far I am on mile 185, and have the training log to prove it!

I really appreciate all the support I’ve received so far. People congratulated, encouraged and supported me through the marathon and beyond. I really do love it all, but I am looking forward to seeing more money go to World Vision’s projects. So far I’ve only gathered $50 for the project. Elizabeth and I will be donating a dollar for each mile I put into training since August, so that will help some of the balance, but I need your help. Join me in reaching the goal of $3,333 and DREAM FOR THREE WITH ME!


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