The First Ever “Lunch Like Stars”

Last Friday (2/19), Elizabeth and I went to see Rob Bell speak at the Tempe Center for the Arts for one of his stops on the “Drop Like Stars” tour. As the man said himself, it was the first ever “Lunch Like Stars.” Since the 8pm show had sold out so quickly they booked a 12:00pm show. It too was quite full.

Bell did not disappoint, he delivered some thought provoking dialogue in his typical quirky-humorous style (complete with invisible football kicks and goofy-kid slouches). If you are not a Bell fan you would not have enjoyed it. If you were a Bell fan, you would have enjoyed it. Simple as that.

As with every speaker, theologian and preacher-prophet there are points they make you can agree with and things you will not agree with. The same is true for Rob Bell.

The talk focused on answering the “what now?” of suffering (as opposed to the “why?”). Bell discoursed on the art of disruption, the art of honesty, the art of solidarity, the art of possession and the art of failure. All of this was woven together with illustrative stories and vivid images displayed on a rear-projected screen on the stage. Bell spoke from Scripture with references to, and good expositions of, Luke 15:11-32 (The “Prodigal Son”) and portions of Paul’s writing on his suffering in 1 Corinthians 6.  Think Drops Like Stars the book…but on stage.

There are way too many blogs (and YouTube videos) out there deciphering and discussing the finer points of Bell’s speaking tours and books. I will leave it to this –

>>read my scanned notes above and see what I was thinking, writing and feeling throughout the presentation

>>see the image below? (“I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL”) this was the best part of the process for me. at one point in time he had you stand up if you had experienced the particular suffering that he mentioned. At that time you stood and exchanged a card with those words written by your non-writing hand with another person. That process went on for about five different ways and means of suffering. I only exchanged one card. It got me thinking, “Have I not suffered that much? If so, thank God…but how can I connect with people in pastoral ministry who have?” or “Have I suffered and I am either a) not recognizing it as such or b) not willing to admit I have?”

I am still thinking.

Do you know how I feel?

For more on Rob Bell’s book and tour check out this link: Drops Like Stars.



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2 responses to “The First Ever “Lunch Like Stars”

  1. kelseypaulsen

    I saw him in San Francisco last Monday as well & he was awesome!!! It sounds like he did the same message with us as well. My friend, Nick, had already read his new book & told me that his talk brought the book to life. We both really enjoyed & I would DEFINITELY see him again the next time he pulls through here.

    Glad you enjoyed it!!!

    • recreative

      Yeah, I’ve enjoyed him the other times I’ve seen him (at Rock Harbor premiering some NOOMA vids and at YouthSpecialties back in the day before NOOMA came out).

      Glad you got to see him in San Fran. He Twit pik’d the crowd, I will look for you in the fuzzy details 🙂

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