Today…Such a Wonderful Day

Today has been a wonderful day…and I am sure that is going to continue.

Sometimes I wonder if y’all care about my day, but then I think, “Who cares? If people read it, they read it, if they don’t they don’t. The idea of Ubuntu is to share my person with other persons, so sharing about my day helps accomplish that.”

Plus, I know I read about some of your days and that I read about other people’s days (complete strangers even) all the time on blogs.

That may be weird, it may be self-focused, but hey, I like it.

I digress.

What was I saying?

Oh yeah…

Today has been a wonderful day…and I am sure that is going to continue.

I woke up today after a long, but exciting Monday filled with a spring-training game, a PetSmart trip, a Borders trip (new book…yes!) and a surprise dinner at the Cheese Fact with our good friends Pat and Jennifer (Pat got a new job, sweet as!).

So, this morning was all Elizabeth and me.

I woke up around 7am and enjoyed a little devote time before getting my inner cook all revved up with a little combo-recipe-dark-chocolate-chip-pancake-cooking. They were D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S if I do say so myself, topped with some organic plain yoghurt, almond butter and Xagave in place of syrup. Not only did they hit the spot, they nailed it.

After breakfast and a little bit of reading from Love and War (our current marriage help book) I continued rocking the house-husband role like Bon Jovi in his prime. I cooked, I cleaned, I packed lunch and I kissed my wife as she walked out the door. Maybe I enjoy being house-husband way too much 🙂

Following the house-husbandry I peaced out to my mother-in-law/boss’s place for a 10am meeting. On the way the clouds were lenticular and looming and I rocked out to some Crowder worship – dancing and jiving my way down the highway singing, “His is a story that saves with a majestic feel, building at a steady pace!” WOW! What a time. To be sure, there were some stares and I exceeded the speed limit (“Uh…sorry officer, I was worshiping Jesus…”).

The meeting went well, we got a lot of planning done and even got to chit-chat about Meyers-Briggs personalities (how fun is that???). Of course, any meeting where a mother and son-in-law come out still congenial is a good meeting, so this one has to be classified as awesome since it was simultaneously cordial and productive.

Saying goodbye to the rents-in-law I headed down the road again in search of solitude, silence and speed training on the Lost Goldmine Trail. I ran for 6 miles on technical single track enjoying almost solitude. At the three mile turn around I stopped for a moment to enjoy the ever graying scenery and take a sip of H2O. I closed my eyes and practiced expanding my hearing – what I heard of Creation was awe inspiring. The sound of the ever growing wind pounding into the mountains before me sounded like the ocean waves crashing against the shore in never ending rhythm, the birds chattered and chirped communicating the coming storm and possibly calling out to their spring-time mates, the trickle of the brook spoke softly to the inner calmness welling inside of me as I enjoyed a few moments lost in the handiwork of God. It was immense. It was incalculable. It was a few moments of incredible bliss.

I needed that.

The return three miles were harrowing. The wind brought the chill down to 30-40 degree weather and the rain pelted me so hard it hurt. My nose was runny and my left quad started to scream along the trail. My legs dragged across rocks and I felt like suffering was my middle name. And I loved it. I pushed harder through the torrent, and ended up running those three miles faster than the first three with the wind at my back.

What is it about adversity that makes us stronger?

On the way home from the trailhead I stopped at Mountain View to drop off a few things and pick up some others.

I went and fetched my wife at work and we shopped at Fry’s for food stuffs. We made some excellent purchases for this week’s food including some more Silk, some tofu and veggies for tonight’s stir-fry (knock your socks off, the stuff was great), pizza and salad ingredients for later on in the week, mushrooms and olives for our risotto, some fruits (pineapple, strawberries and bananas), some acai for smoothie time, almonds for protein and snacking, plus some ice cream because we deserve it : p

We came home to play a little bit with our dog, get cooking, respond to e-mails, eat dinner together and go off to our night time work and activities.
Currently I miss my wife. She is off leading handbells and I am blogging. However, I look forward to watching LOST (the Final Season!!!) tonight while munching on our roasted pineapple and vanilla ice cream dessert. Yum!

Then we will get ready for sleeping, stretch together and fall into bed intending to be asleep by 10pm, but probably talking too much in the dark that we will not be asleep until 11pm. I love that about Elizabeth and me.

I love a lot of things about Elizabeth and me. I love a lot of things about my life. I am so blessed. I pray I can be a blessing to others with what God gives me. I pray that I can pass on the peace I feel that surpasses all understanding. I hope I can infect others with the joy that sets my heart and body dancing in the car on the US 60. I hope that my prayer that began the day my come true.

I prayed, “LORD Jesus Christ, may your peace be my peace, may your hope be my hope, may your love be my love and above all, may my faith be your faith. Amen.”

Today was, and is, really and truly a wonderful day.
Thank you XR.


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