Dream for Three Report

A lot of you followed the Dream for Three initiative over the last several months. To all of you who donated, supported me at the races or gave a prayer for the cause – THANK YOU!

The Dream for Three initiative came to a close last Sunday as I finished the 25th running of the Los Angeles Marathon.

The Dream for Three process was challenging, fun and wonderful to be a part of. I grew as an athlete and was touched by the outpouring of generosity by friends and family even amidst a trying economic time. As much as Dream for Three was my cause, it was all of your as well.

Back in August I started training for a marathon, hoping to run the Soweto Marathon in Johannesburg, South Africa. Upon our return to America I set my sights on the P.F. Chang’s Rock N’ Roll Marathon and the LA Marathon. In between I thought I would have some fun and run a third in the span of 63 days. Inspired by Ryan Hall I joined Team World Vision and wanted to fund-raise for World Vision’s clean water projects in sub-Saharan Africa. At one of these marathons I was hoping to run a personal best marathon time of 3:3o or lower. Getting clever I came up with “Dream for Three” hoping to raise $3,333.33 for World Vision, run three marathons in three consecutive months (January, February, March) and run the three marathons in a time of 3:33:33 or better.

At the end of the road, here is Dream for Three by the numbers:

Three marathons – P.F. Chang’s Rock N’ Roll Arizona Marathon (January 17), Lost Dutchman Marathon (February 14) and LA Marathon (March 21)

63 days from marathon number one (P.F. Chang’s) to marathon number three (LA Marathon).

We raised $1,o12.99 (30% of the goal)

Over 30 people donated, came out in support or prayed specifically for this cause.

I ran the three marathons in the following times:

3:20:15 – P.F. Chang’s

3:18:40 – Lost Dutchman

3:10:01 – Los Angeles (qualifying for Boston 2011 by 58 seconds…drama!)

Since August I logged 133 days of training…

…and ran 1,104.3 miles (averaging  8.3 miles per day)

My longest training run was 22 miles long on December 28, 2010.

My shortest, and fastest, training run was 3.1 miles long in 17:08 (Phoenix Zoo 5k on February 27, 2010).

I set new PR (personal records) in the following distances:

5k – 17:08 (February 27, 2010)

10k – 43:36 (March 21, 2010)

Half-marathon – 1:33:45 (March 21, 2010)

Marathon – 3:10:01 (March 21, 2010)

A lot of people have asked me, “What are you going to do now?”
Well, in the short-term I am running the Cave Creek Trail Run 10k on Saturday April 3. After that I am running the Whiskey Row Marathon on May 1. Then, I hope to take a significant amount of time “off” from running until I ramp up for the San Francisco Marathon on July 25 (God-willing).

From there, it depends on where Elizabeth and I are at and what we are doing. The plan for now is to run Boston next April 18 (go sub 3:00 maybe?) and maybe focus on half-marathons before that (going sub 1:30 for sure). I’ve also been tossing around the idea of going ultra (longer than 26.2 miles). We shall see.

For now I enjoyed the Dream for Three process and am so glad that so many of you helped along the way. Thank you specifically to Andrea Wittig, our LA Marathon Team World Vision team leader and Andy Baldwin, aka the Bachelor and the Team World Vision celebrity at LA.

If you would still like to donate you can keep the dream alive here.

Running for Team World Vision in Los Angeles

Shalom to all of you.

Until the next marathon…and the next cause!


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