Embarrassing, but Tasty

I am a little slow on the uptake here, but I just got to watch some of best(worst) Christian videos out on the web right now.


First, the famed “Banana Man” video from Ray Comfort featuring Kirk Cameron:

Second, this little diddy from Chuck Missler about peanut butter being proof that God did indeed create the universe and evolution is fundamentally false:

I am all for the thoughtful engagement of naturalists and atheists on their exclusion of intelligent design theories from the realm of scientific debate on origins. I support those who respectfully and diligently scour for evidence that supports intelligent design theories and who share those arguments in public forums and at times debate atheists, naturalists and the like.

The above, unfortunately, do not fit this category.

They are arguments from Christian brothers who don’t bother researching their points well enough. And as a fellow Christian, I’m embarrassed.

There are numerous examples out there of individuals who debunk these video posts and I must say that in this debate the score is Naturalists – 2 and Christian Apologists – 0.

Even Comfort back-tracked on his banana argument, and I think it is safe to say that the “peanut butter argument” has some serious inconsistencies (like smooth peanut butter…shudder).

I am asking and praying that any of you, professional or otherwise, who sincerely want to challenge the naturalist view of the universe, not evoke such silly arguments.

They don’t help, in fact they are thoroughly embarrassing to the serious Christian pursuit of fact.

However, I do give y’all this.

God’s great creationist defenders, the banana and peanut butter, make delicious snacks…indeed, my favorite.


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