Religion on the Web – November 19, 2010

This Ubuntu site has undergone a little bit of a transformation as of late, focusing specifically on religion, modern religious expression and the intersection of religion and the public sphere.

Soon, the site will undergo a visual transformation as well.

As a new regular installment here at Ubuntu I am going to share links to some stories, articles and blogs on religion that are popping up on the web this week so that you, the reader, can stay well informed on religion, religion’s modern expression and its interaction with the public sphere. Why? Because as much as I would like to, I can’t write on everything going on with religion and I can’t represent everyone’s opinion.

So here it is, the first installment of Ubuntu’s new weekly post “Religion on the Web This Week” for November 19, 2010:

Obama’s Faith Problem Religious Dispatches

Emerging Evangelicals– from Sightings at the U of Chicago

Religious Holidays Blog– this is a great resource for religious understanding offered up by the folks over at Read the Spirit (David Crumm)

Enjoy the articles and feel free to comment here at Ubuntu!

*Sorry for the long links, WordPress was being difficult about allowing me to embed the links in the text. Ah, technical difficulties 🙂


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