Your Person and My Person Should Talk…

The “ubuntu” spirit is based on the Nguni proverb “umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu,” which means “a person is a person through other persons.” In an effort to try and keep this blog as open source as possible I want to offer you, the reader, a chance to determine not only some blog posts in the future but also some of my future research!

I often post about topics that interest me and get me thinking about religion, but what turns you on when it comes to religion?

Talk to me people.

When I teach world religions the most interesting part of the course or seminar is the Q & A time when people pose the questions nearest to their hearts and minds. Things like, “There is a Muslim family that moved in next door and I don’t know how to introduce myself…should I? If so, how?” or “My gym offers yoga classes, isn’t that some type of Buddhist meditation?” Great fodder for discussion and honest questions to be asking in our multi-faceted religious universe.

So, in that spirit, let me know what YOU want to hear about, read about, write about, comment on and interact with when it comes to religious discussion here at Ubuntu.

What religious phenomenon, events, beliefs or conundrums most fascinate you?

These questions and others will help guide some future Ubuntu Blogs and also help me narrow research possibilities for my journey through Graduate Degree Land.

Post a comment, e-mail me, Facebook message me or Tweet in my digital direction and then look forward to YOUR TOPIC being discussed here on the Ubuntu blog.

Happy interactions!

-Ken Chitwood // @kchitwood on Twitter


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