Stealing on Valentine’s Day

No, I didn’t snatch Mrs. Poinley’s purse to buy a box of chocolates on the way home so I could earn points with the wife.


I swear.

I didn’t.

No, today I am permanently borrowing a good article from Stephanie Fenton over at Read the Spirit on Valentine’s Day and its religious roots, expressions in different countries and reception by Hindus.

Read the Spirit article HERE

I also want to take this opportunity to apologize for my lack of posting as of late. I could say how busy I’ve been with travels to Big Bend, TX; Myrtle Beach, SC and Phoenix, AZ or that I am in a five-week intensive class in my master’s program right now but I won’t (even though I just did).

I am looking forward to posting soon enough, and I feel like I have a few good ideas. I am habitually indecisive, I think…

So help me decide! Along with stealing that great article on Valentine’s Day I am also looking to steal your thoughts.

NOTE: There used to be a poll here, but I tallied the votes already and the first post already went up regarding religion and Hollywood, the next one due is on atheists going to church and enjoying Bible study. After that I hope to log a v-log on transsexuality and the church. Thanks for voting!



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3 responses to “Stealing on Valentine’s Day

  1. Tony

    They’re all such good choices for your next post. I couldn’t decide which one to pick. You’re going to do them all eventually… right? 🙂

  2. recreative

    If I have time. That’s why I am having people vote, I couldn’t prioritize and wanted to see what people would like most. I may not get to all of them, but hopefully two out of three! Did you end up voting?

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