God’s Wife, Pole Dancing For Jesus and Other Reasons Why Religion is Dying

Back in 2010, you know, waaaaaaaay back, I posted major religious news each week in a blog-segment entitled “Religion on the Web.”

These posts were not the most popular posts in the world.

However, on occasion in 2011 I will be posting top religious news stories from around the web when they are obscure, weird or otherwise noteworthy and yet not widely reported on.

This week:

To clarify, it isn’t “God” per se, but YHWH, the LORD of the Jewish Tanakh and the Christian Old Testament that got married back in the day. Turns out he was bunking up with Asherah all along…and if you’re familiar with the Tanakh/OT at all, you know that he was constantly blaming those Asherah poles on the people!

Speaking of poles. This story is just, well, it’s just something only Houston Christians would think of: Pole Dancing for Jesus in Houston, TX.

If speculative religious papers on YHWH’s wife and pole dancing for Jesus were not enough to scare you away from a religion then how about this little sociological tidbit?

Religion will soon be extinct in at least nine different nations across the world. Did yours make this dubious list?


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