Take the Class, Minus the Assignments

As LBI Director for LINC Houston, I am currently teaching/facilitating our Spring semester course on World Religions (April 12-June 14). LBI is a Christian institution, and as such, all of our students are Christian and predominantly Lutheran.

With that said, the goal of this class is not to study religions apologetically or polemically, but instead to study religions as they are and according to their own stated problem, solution, technique(s) and exemplar (a la Stephen Prothero and his book God is Not One). Our hope is to first listen and learn and then dialogue with people of other religions.

The course includes ten two-hour lecture based classes, readings in other religious texts, a direct experience with another religion’s practical/sociological expression, a reflection paper and a final exam. All of this is for the sake of religious literacy, which I am very passionate about.

Here at Ubuntu I will be posting shortened versions of our two-hour classes. Thus, I invite you to take part in our class, minus the assignments 🙂

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Part Four:

Part Five:



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3 responses to “Take the Class, Minus the Assignments

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  2. Michael K

    Thanks for sharing these! I really appreciate your engaging and thoughtful approach to this sacred duty.

    • recreative

      Thanks man, please keep coming back for more! I will be posting the classes on Islam, Christianity and Confucianism/Daoism in the next three weeks. Peace.

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