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Politics and Kingdoms

Preface: The blog below really isn’t a blog at all – it’s a comment on someone else’s blog. My friend Kelsey posted her thoughts on passion and politics and I initially responded with “WORD.” I obviously enjoyed her post. Then a friend of hers responded with a rebuttle of her thoughts. The plot thickens and the discussion gets interesting. After chowing down with Kelsey at Chili’s one Sunday night she came over to our apartment and we got to talking about blogs since we are both active bloggers. She asked me to respond to her friends thoughts and expound a little more on my choice “WORD.” I did. Below is my response and a link to the blog so you can get the context. Peace.

LINK: http://kelseypaulsen.wordpress.com/2009/10/15/day-2-my-view-on-politics/#comment-7

Ken // October 27, 2009 at 5:30 pm | Reply




The Bible needs to be interpreted by the church in order to be applied to contemporary issues (from America’s ‘religious voting issues’ of homosexual marriage, abortion etc. to ‘other’ issues like social programs, ecological development and health care) so that Christians can vote. Let me break that down.

Bible -> Interpretation – >Application->Issues- > Action->Voting (or other political action)

So, our Biblical worldview necessarily effects our political worldview. True dat. Even though you may say you don’t care Kelsey you do (I really think there was a little literary dramatic effect going on in that blog) care because in the end you are working with the aftermath of political decisions when youth, children and families come to you with certain issues or when there are announcements on the TV or in magazines that grieve you.

However, that does not necessarily mean that you have to care in the sense that there is any guilt, any pressure or any worry about how you are voting, how others are voting or who is in charge of our nation and what they are doing. Because in the end we are called to submit to the authorities (Romans 13) no matter who they are or what they do. Furthermore, God has got the entire show under control. So whatever Bush or Obama or Medvedev or Chavez or Mugabe is doing it doesn’t matter (per se) when it comes to the Kingdom of Christ.

This is Lutheran Two Kingdom theology at its best. The Right Hand Kingdom (Kingdom of Grace – what we usually think about when we think about God’s Kingdom) has to do with matters of faith, belief and salvation. The Left Hand Kingdom (Kingdom of Power – what we usually think about when we think about earthly kingdoms) has to do with the laws and rulers of the temporal world.

What I think you are getting at Annie is that our Right Kingdom position should necessarily impact our Left Kingdom position and actions. You are right. What I think you are getting at Kelsey is that Left Kingdom realities don’t matter when it comes to the Right Hand Kingdom and you are right, they don’t. Because the Right Hand Kingdom (the spiritual) can transform the Left Hand Kingdom (the physical/temporal) but not the other way around. In the end, no matter what politician is in charge and no matter what they are doing the Kingdom of God will advance (this is evident from the growth of the church in the Roman Empire, in China today and in many currently corrupt African nations). So, in the end Kelsey, you don’t care but you do and I don’t care that you don’t and you do, but I do and so does Annie. Huh?

Christ’s Kingdom, led by The Man, will advance no matter the Left Hand Kingdom reality. What’s a shame is that we make such a big issue out of Left Hand Kingdom decisions acting as if petty human choices (although sinful) can change the course of Christ’s Kingdom. This isn’t true. Remember, it was a political decision made by sinful leaders that led to Christ being crucified. They thought they killed a movement, what they didn’t know was they just got it started. Maybe what we need to do is stop fighting the Left Hand authorities trying to destroy Christian morals and instead die on the altar of secular monstrosities only to see Christianity truly begin to transform society, not by our might, our protest, our power or our vote but by the might and power of God.

And in that sense I stand behind what I said above…


P.S. Jesus Christ for President.

P.S.S. If I came off rude it was not my intention. Text on screen is so much harder to read than words. Please feel free to contact me via phone (Kelsey has my number) or send me an e-mail (it’s on my site https://ubuntuspirit.wordpress.com). Shalom.

Ken // October 27, 2009 at 5:31 pm | Reply


on the P.S.S. I said,

“…harder to read than words.”

I meant

“…harder to read (understand) than spoken words.”



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